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Author Topic: NATURALLYNAT FANCLUB MEMBERSHIP DRIVE 2009  (Read 4475 times)
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« on: May 30, 2009, 11:55:44 AM »

The wait is over! We are happy to announce the launch of the NATurallyNat Membership Drive 2009!

2009 started with a bang at Countdown@Vivocity.  The NATurals found our inner retro free spirits at the A Go Go roadshow at Chinatown Point. Right on its heels was the unforgettable cruise to Kusu Island where everyone was basking in the sun (and Nat’s company).  Little Nyonya fever gripped us all at the roadshow.  We also saw Nat through his new “looks”, first the Korean heartthrob do at the Hey Gorgeous finals where he was a judge (most qualified he is... since he is gorgeous personified!) and then the fresh new look at the Bi8 Idea event.  We all learned to cook with Nat on 3-in-1 cooking (any budding cooks tried to replicate Nat’s herbal chicken?) The NATurals had a ball of a time participating in the filming of Polo Boys. Not to mention doing some *cough* ogling *cough* at Zirca for the Class 95 Fearless Fun Female event.  And we’ve not even touched on all the other roadshows and ‘live’ recordings that we got to go and support Nat! We’re barely halfway through the year and hot off the press --- something’s already brewing for early June!  

So while we’re all still catching our breaths from our most fruitful “Nat-sightings” thus far this year, we want YOU to come join us! Don’t miss out on all the fun! Stop watching from the sidelines! Anyone who has come with us to any event will tell you how much they enjoyed themselves (I think I see Joyce and Joanne’s heads about to drop off from all the vigorous nodding… yes, even if you are the shy ones… like Cindy.. ok, Cindy is now a seasoned fan but everyone starts somewhere right?)

The most important thing is, if you really like Nat, come join us.  This is where we orbit around his sun and the closest you can get to him without melting from his hotness and brilliance!  Cool Ok ok.. super corny but you get the idea.

This is the fanclub with a difference.   Where, besides getting close to Nat and having first-hand exclusive information about Nat, we are truly one big happy family.  Many firm friendships have sprung up and when we do turn up to support Nat, we also turn up cos we are all friends.  There is space for everyone, no matter your gender (shout-out to our guys! Xiankai, Cravies, Aiff, Ben, Ryan, Cheeky, Leo, mrken, etc…), age, race and religion (gosh! this is starting to sound like the national pledge).  As long as you love and support Nat, we welcome you. Cheesy

Log in to,578.0.html for the details!  Wink
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